House Kitchen Restaurant Branding
House Kitchen is a family-style restaurant, where your family can come in and enjoy dinner as if you were in your own dining room.
This restaurant is to be set in New York City, in a more quiet area of Manhattan where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city & have a sense of gathering and serenity while dining inside.
I designed the logo with simplicity and elevation in mind. I leaned into more earthy tones to keep things very neutral and calming, yet still very modern and fun. Playing around with the idea with including the knife and fork in the logo took a lot of variation/trials, but the final logo is very sophisticated and inviting, even down to the small detail of the actual logo mimicking the shape of a house.
The menu is created with any and all types of eaters in mind, with something everyone can enjoy (which was quite a daunting task creating this list) but each section is broken up with all ingredients and prices listed as well. 
SUNY New Paltz Coursework
Branding, Logo Design, Web Design, Packaging, Brand Guidelines Presentation Deck
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